Birthday Of Friends Of Unique Home

Today is a birthday we all need to celebrate. Why? Because it is the birthday of charity which i support and promote whole heartedly and one which we all need to support. A few years back (in 2013) i was contacted by Ranjit Thaliwal,  Harinder Singh and Rupinder Kaur about a charity called UK Friends of Unique Home. Now i’ve never been one to follow blindly, especially in the name of charity, so i did my research. The charity i was told brings up abandoned female children, who have been left to die in most cases, and provides them with life skills, schooling and everything else.

So before i gave this charity my support i actually went out there to visit the place. And i took an even more sceptical Jag Chima with me. We were blown away!! Never have i been so emotionally moved by a place. We saw first hand little children who, for whatever reasons, had been abandoned by their parents. They were being looked after by this charity run by Bibi Parkash Kaur. I filmed the whole place and showed in on my TV show.

Since then we have done our utmost to promote this cause and charity. I have a daughter. She is my life. As are your daughters. I could never imagine a baby child being left on their own. Guys i know when we hear the word “Asian” and “charity” we think all sorts and in some cases rightly so. Many are used as a guise to make money or avoid tax or for self promotion. Many are used to create personal contacts or to try and get nominated for awards. Many stockpile money amd then conveniently close down. I don’t support those charities.

This is the one i support because i have researched it and seen the actual work that has been done. I have seen the difference made to people’s lives. Every year i try to do as much as i can by hosting events organised by others such as Anjali Garcha and Simran Bath in order to raise money for the charity. This year i went to the home and filmed it and will be showing the footage on my show in the coming weeks. So get supporting people. And if you visit Punjab then make sure you visit this place! Thank You.